Engine oil in a Duramax diesel truck is the most important maintenance objective to keeping your GM truck running smooth and on the road. To get the most out of your 10+ quarts (the average Duramax oil change) of premium oil let’s discuss Duramax oil filters. Choosing the best Duramax oil filter is an important decision that most people seem to be under educated on. If you are taking your truck to a quick oil change chain or small shop it's important to know what oil filter will be used in your service. Some will be choosing low budget off brand filters that do not even offer filter media data or micron ratings. Micron ratings on oil filters is a number provided that is telling us the size of particles that the filter will not allow to pass through. The smaller micron rating the better when it comes to oil filters. Since some of the budget oil filters are not even providing us data we are going to look at the OEM oil filter vs the PPE Duramax oil filter.

The Factory or OEM Duramax oil filter is the AC Delco PF2232. The PF2232 has 98% multi-pass efficiency at 25-30 microns. The size of the filter is standard at about 6 inches in length.

On the other hand the PPE 114000555 Duramax oil filter measures about 10 inches long providing 152% more filter media to catch debris. The extra capacity and high efficiency media allow this oil filter maintain a 5 micron rating. At 5 microns and the additional media make the PPE Duramax oil filter the best option to protect your diesel truck for years to come.


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