Duramax Parts

Coop's offers many Duramax diesel upgrades and parts. Duramax injectors or Duramax lift pump systems and parts to keep that 6.6L working for you. Duramax performance parts like exhaust, lift pumps, turbos and more to provide the best Duramax upgrades with free shipping and the best prices.

01-04 Duramax LB756

The Duramax LB7 being a pre emissions truck is a perfect platform to start a build or just bullet proof to put to work. Coops offers the best Duramax LB7 exhaust, fuel pumps and performance accessories. No matter how far you want to take it we have the best parts in stock to upgrade your LB7.

01-04 Duramax LB7
04.5-05 Duramax LLY62

Duramax LLY Performance fuel and engine parts.

04.5-05 Duramax LLY
06-07 Duramax LBZ56

06-07 Duramax LBZ Aftermarket Upgrades

06-07 Duramax LBZ
07-10 Duramax LMM56

07-10 Duramax LMM aftermarket parts and upgrades.

07-10 Duramax LMM
11-16 Duramax LML49

Duramax LML fuel pumps, suspension and performance upgrades.

11-16 Duramax LML
17-24 Duramax L5P44

17-24 Duramax L5P Performance Parts

17-24 Duramax L5P
Duramax Intakes19

Coops has the best Duramax cold air intakes for all generations.

Duramax Intakes
Duramax Lift Pumps32

Duramax Lift Pumps 

GM diesel engines benefits so greatly beyond words from installing a Duramax Lift Pump. Its all about protecting your truck, your investment. After a Duramax lift pump install the fuel delivered to your injection pump whether it is a CP3 or CP4 is cleaner, contains no water and maybe most important has no air bubbles in the diesel fuel that tend to wear and destroy fuel injectors and pumps.

The most common questions we get are, whats the cheap Duramax lift pump or which brand is the best lift pump for Duramax. The answer to these is usually simple, for starters the best duramax lift pump brands is short we recommend the FASS Duramax lift pumps over the Airdog for most installs. As far as the cheap questions goes, installing a lift pump system for a GM Silverado or Sierra is providing reliability and longevity for your fuel system. Injectors and injection pumps are thousands of dollars so deciding to go with the best Duramax Lift Pump just makes sense.


Duramax Lift Pumps
Duramax Tuners7

Duramax Tuners add power, fuel mileage and adjustable parameters that make your truck more fun to drive.

Duramax Tuners
Duramax Lighting0

Duramax Lighting

Duramax Lighting
Transmission Parts16

Duramax Transmission deep pans, filters and clutch kits.

Transmission Parts
Duramax Steering10

Duramax Steering upgrades and aftermarket parts

Duramax Steering
Duramax CP3 Pumps2

Duramax CP3 Pumps and Conversions

Duramax CP3 Pumps
Duramax Exhaust26

Options for the best Durmax Exhaust Systems

Duramax Exhaust
Duramax Bed Covers0

Duramax Bed Covers

Duramax Bed Covers
Duramax Cooling14

Duramax Cooling

Duramax Cooling
Duramax Gauges1

Monitor your GM truck with the best Duramax gauges.

Duramax Gauges
Duramax Suspension15

Lift, level or upgrade your Duramax shocks.

Duramax Suspension
Duramax Engine Parts12

Duramax Engine Parts

Duramax Engine Parts
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Coops Customs takes pride in offering in stock aftermarket truck accessories and the lowest price possible. Get a off road look with Bushwacker Pocket Fender Flares, protect your bed cargo with a new Tonneau Cover, or keep rock chips off your trucks hood with a AVS Aeroskin Bug Shield. Get more power and better gas mileage with an Air Intake System and add an aggressive sound with a MBRP Exhaust System. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your vehicle. Lift or Level your truck, add style, power or just get more gas mileage whatever your looking for Coops has it in stock at a great price.

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