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Fuel Filters8

General maintenance is key to avoiding break downs so change the LB7 fuel filters and keep your Duramax on the road and out of the shop. 

Fuel Filters
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LB7 Fuel Lines

Fuel Lines
Lift Pumps9

A Duramax LB7 Lift Pump is one of the most important fuel system upgrades to preform. The LB7 diesel engine using vacuum generated by a CP3 injection pump to suck fuel from the tank and then feeds the injectors. A Duramax LB7 Lift Pump is driven by an electrical motor that feeds the injection pump, this action eliminates the vacuum suction of diesel fuel that allows for extremely harmful air pockets that cause damaged to fuel injections and the CP3 pump itself.   

Lift Pumps
Rail Plugs1

LB7 fuel system goodies like fuel rail plugs and factory filter deletes offer more LB7 upgrades to get the most out of your truck.

Rail Plugs
Fuel Plumbing11

Plumbing your LB7 fuel system is a key step to keep a good running Duramax. Choose from top quality Fass LB7 push lock fuel line or a sump for your LB7 Lift Pump install to maintain a constant flow of clean fuel to your truck.

Fuel Plumbing
CP3 Pumps0

The most vital part to make that truck run is the LB7 CP3 injection pump. Browse through stock replacement or LB7 CP3 upgrades and parts.

CP3 Pumps
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