Engine oil in a Duramax diesel truck is the most important maintenance objective to keeping your GM truck running smooth and on the road. To get the most out of your 10+ quarts (the average Duramax oil change) of premium oil let’s discuss Duramax oil filters. Choosing the best Duramax oil filter is an important decision that most people seem to be under educated on. If you a …
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All New Edge CTS3 Insight Vs CTS2 - Whats New? Diesel Digital Monitor
Edge Products has releases the all new version of the Insight Gauge Monitor, The CTS. So what is different with the CTS3 and what makes it better than the old Insight CTS2?First and maybe one of the most important keys is the new CTS3 data and screen refresh rate is lighting fast compared to the CTS2 thanks to a upgraded internal processor.Second, the old ways of updating …
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