Fass Lift Pump Duramax


Fass 100GPH Duramax Lift Pump 

Choose the best Fass Lift Pump Duramax gallon per hour for your application. The Duramax Fass Fuel System is offered complete with filters and everything to install in a 165GPH or a 100GPH option. The main question is which Duramax Fass Lift Pump do I need? The answer is pretty simple, how much fuel do you need your lift pump to delivered. The Fass 100 GPH is whisper quiet and provides enough fuel for trucks under 600 horsepower. The Fass 165 GPH lift pump you will hear a slight hum from the larger motor and provides enough fuel for trucks in the 600 - 900 horsepower range. Coops also offers Fass lift pumps for Duramax trucks with over 1000 horsepower which would be more race or competition pulling truck applications.


Fass 165GPH Duramax Lift Pump

The Fass 165 Duramax lift pump is the most common of the two main options. The TSC10165G from Fass is know to be the best lift pump for Duramax because for little change in price the Fass 165 offers room down the road for additional diesel upgrades for LB7, LLY, LBZ and LMM generations. Fass Duramax lift pump fitment of course goes next to the LML lift pumps utilizng two differnet part numbers the TSC11165G for the 2011 through 2014 trucks and the TSC12165G for the 2015 2016 Duramax LML trucks. L5P Duramax lift pumps are available in two main gallon per hour applications those are the 140GPH and the 240GPH for those who do performance upgrades that require a L5P lift pump.


A common question is the Fass 165 Duramax lift pump too much for a stock truck? The answer is no, any of the clean polished fuel from the Fass pump being delivered to your injection pump that is not needed or used is returned to the tank. Fuel that has been returned to the tank get filtered and polished again through the Fass pump before being delivered to your engine.                                         





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