Cooling System

Keeping the temp down with Duramax LB7 radiators, reservoirs and coolant hoses.


LB7 Radiators performance and stock replacement series to keep the coolant flowing and your LB7 at operating temperature. 


LB7 Coolant Reservoirs, Caps and Tanks

Coolant Hoses & Pipes12

LB7 Coolant Hoses & Pipes

Coolant Hoses & Pipes
Coolant Filtration1

Add years of life to your diesel engine with this Coolant Filter Bypass System. Removing contaminates such as the casting sand and metal shavings means your engine's water pump, EGR cooler and oil cooler will last longer. 

Coolant Filtration
Thermostats & Housings2

LB7 Thermostats & Housings

Thermostats & Housings
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