A throttle body spacer is a kind of valve that is use to regulate the airflow of the engine. These bunch is always use in either one or two big butterfly valves in which it will adjust the flow of the air into a large space in the plenum. The efficiency of this body spacer is depending on the application, size and type of the spacer that is used.


Almost of the body spacers are designed to increase the horsepower by causing the approaching air to spin around just like the tornado that helps break the large fuel tear for a more burn into the cylinder. This is called atomization that results the fuel tearing in a small amount which distributed in the approaching air stream. This body spacer is added to the throttle body of the engine's fuel injection to boost the fuel's effectiveness and will add more power to the engine. It has the same function to the carburetor on the engine's non fuel injection. Thus a carburetor controls the mix of fuel and air that is just sent into the cylinder in the engine while the throttle body only manage the flow of the air to the engine with the help of the injection system.


Throttle body spacer in the fuel injection manage the amount of the air that comes inside the engine and is depending on the driver's control. It is put between the car's intake manifold and the air filter. In the engine's fuel injection, the accelerator is connected in the throttle with a throttle cable. Thus such cable causes throttle linkages to open the throttle plate that adds more flow of the air in the engine. The increase flow of the air need the increase of the fuel for it to maintains the exact mixture of air and fuel in the engine. The engine handles the control unit that is indicated to increase the fuel that is given by the injector and for this reason the ratio stays at exact. And when the increased air and fuel is added to the engine's power it will create a huge explosion of the engine.


A throttle body spacer makes a bigger area around the throttle body. It gives the throttle a bigger capacity to intake more air, when the accelerator of the car is pressed. And when the throttle valve is open, the throttles will a let a great amount of air will pass on the valve and increases the power of the car.